In 2019/2020 the Foundation raised $10,000 to fully fund the purchase of a One Button Studio for the High School Library/Media Center.

The One Button Studio is designed so that, with very limited training and directions, anyone could produce high quality media. The One Button Studio can be used in three broad ways:

1) To save content that was already delivered elsewhere.

2) To record new content.

3) To practice a future performance of some kind.

Here are some more specific ideas – both for teachers and students:

1. Develop material for an online or “flipped” course

2. Conduct a mock interview (and post for peer feedback)

3. Create a video introduction to a course

4. Demonstrate a tool, technique, or process

5. Archive a classroom presentation for re-use

6. Capture a recording with a green screen or PowerPoint slides

7. Perfect a micro-teaching lesson

8. Record the video component of a larger assignment

9. Deliver a lecture when you have to be away

10. Present an academic paper (and send it to your teacher for critique)

11. Hone the elevator speech for an academic poster

12. Practice a group presentation.

13. Make a statement for job application

14. Perform a digital story to post in an ePortfolio

15. Warm up for a public speaking task

16. Prepare a professional development video

17. Publish student content for a personal website

18. Produce an audition for a job or music group

19. Participate in a media competition

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